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Don’t Let 8 Weeks Get the Better of You

Even the most disciplined individual can find their daily health regime derailed at the end of October through January 1. Once that Halloween candy appears, it is difficult to stay resolute.

Then come the comfort foods you’ve stayed away from all year. “Oh, here, have another serving,” and, of course, no one wants to offend the host or hostess by saying “No, thank you!”

Eggnog and alcohol are flowing in the name of good cheer. Parties and gatherings keep you up later than usual. You forget to take your vitamins and minerals because you are running late in the morning.

And the next thing you know, you are starting to feel lousy despite all the progress you made and maintained earlier in the year.

With a Naturopathic approach to healing, there is a difference between making progress and real healing. Someone with a longstanding or chronic health complaint can start to feel better within three to six months if they carefully follow their treatment plan.

Then comes a very critical point in the path to wellness. Patients may start thinking they can go back to their old patterns of diet, sleep, exercise, and so on. They think they are now well enough to “cheat.” The problem with this belief is that it takes longer than three to six months to correct a complaint or condition that took years to manifest.

Like anything worth working towards, rebuilding a good foundation and maintaining balanced health takes a focused mindset. A daily commitment to your health and wellbeing is key to long-term health progress.

So don’t let the eight weeks between Halloween and New Year’s Day get the better of you! Dig in and recommit to your health goals. Make your New Year’s resolutions on October 30th, instead of January 2nd.  Maintaining your regular routine can help keep you on an even keel physically and emotionally through the holiday season. And this makes you less vulnerable to colds and the flu, too!