Energetic Medicine Education Program for Medical Professionals

Learn to Use UNDA Numbers and Complimentary Therapies with Great Skill and Confidence

With Dr. Holly Castle, ND

“Education is not the learning of facts. It’s rather the training of the mind to think.”
~ Albert Einstein

What is Biotherapeutic Drainage?

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a healing discipline developed in Europe over 100 years ago.

It supports the body’s natural ability to promote appropriate elimination of toxins that interrupt optimal physiology and restore proper regulatory function on the cellular level. It does this by stimulating the organs to function more efficiently without suppression or pushing them beyond their normal physiological limits.

Biotherapeutic Drainage strives to revive health by restoring the body’s natural inclination towards balance.

Biotherapeutic Drainage considers all aspects of a person’s wellness profile, including physical, inherited, emotional, and behavioral characteristics.

Would you like to see better results for your patients?

You went into medicine to help people and to ease their suffering, but nutritional supplementation or prescription medication is only taking your patients just so far.

The truth is that when it comes to patient care, the Western Medicine paradigm is wonderful if the patient’s health problem is mechanical. But this is actually triage care. Western medicine prioritizes the health issues that are most obvious, urgent, or troublesome. Of course, only a qualified surgeon can replace a joint, or remove a growth or tumor!

But when it comes to health complaints of a physiological or complex nature, the usual solution in North America is to offer a one-size-fits-all medication whose primary function is simply to suppress the symptoms, not restore health. People are simply not one-size-fits-all and neither are their health complaints. The solutions need to individualized, refined, and comprehensive.

  • Would you like to offer your patients and clients customized solutions for their health concerns?
  • Would you like to be able to address the root cause of your patient’s health concerns?
  • Would you like to learn how to address physiological excesses as well as deficiencies?
  • Are you interested in recommending gentle, finely crafted substances that are ideal for sensitive patients and complex cases?
  • Would you like to be able to skillfully use energetic, biologically clean medicines?
  • Are you interested in recommending substances that restore balance to the patient and don’t pollute our drinking water or land?

You are reading this because you want to take your practice to the next level and get the results you really want for your patients!

Join me for over 40 hours of small group education in the traditions of

Biotherapeutic Drainage and German Biological Medicine

I learned from Master Practitioners, have been in practice almost three decades, and I want to teach you what I know.

My program consists of 4 core components + 3 bonus classes + monthly mentorship meetings:

Four Core Components:

  1. UNDA Numbers: Learn how to use these amazing complex homeopathic remedies with skill and confidence.
  1. Special topics in UNDA Numbers: Learn the use of adjunct therapeutics such as Oligo Minerals, Tissue/ Cell Salts, Bach Flower Essences, Understanding Miasms, and the Balancing and Harmonizing Program that enhance UNDA protocols.
  1. Gemmotherapy (86 total): This is a unique form of botanical medicine made from the plant stem cells. Highly regarded in Europe, it is my favorite complimentary modality. These can be used with UNDAs or as stand-alone therapeutics.
  1. Protocols that pull everything together and help you get started while you develop your own level of mastery for this material.

Additional tools for successful patient care:

Bonus 1: Organ Drainage with Single Dose Homeopathics: Single dose homeopathic remedies are wonderful adjunct additions to combine with UNDA Numbers.

Bonus 2: Homeopathy for Women’s and Men’s Health: Single dose remedies, UNDA Numbers, Gemmotherapy, and Pekana remedies for complaints specific to women and men.

Bonus 3: Pekana Remedies: These are homeopathic- spygeric botanical blends in the German Biological tradition that also enhance detoxification and bring balance to the body. They are wonderful in combination with UNDA Numbers or as stand-alone therapeutics.

PLUS! Monthly Zoom Mentorship Meetings for 1 Year (12 to 24 hours)

This is the time when you really learn how to think about a case and apply what you have learned skillfully and artfully. I bring all my personal and professional experience to the table to help guide you. My goal is to provide you with ways to navigate through your cases over time, which often involves eventually leaving static protocols behind.

AND! Letters of attendance and information relevant for applying for CE will also be provided


2024 Mentorship Program

Annual fee: $4800
Monthly fee: $400

(Prior Students: Any class fees you have spent with me will be applied as a credit to your mentorship fee.)

Click the button below to be put on the interest list. We will notify you when registration opens.

Optional 2nd  year of mentorship: If you have completed my program and wish to continue learning with me, you can sign up for additional monthly mentorship in 6 month increments at the cost of $900/ six months. You may continue indefinitely!

You must be a licensed healthcare provider or a medical student in an accredited medical program to participate.

About Dr. Holly Castle

My name is Dr. Holly Castle. I am a naturopathic doctor licensed in Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado. My study of homeopathy began in 1987 with classical homeopathy. While attending the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (1993-1997), I continued my homeopathic studies with Paul Herscu, Rajan Sankaran and the Sankaran group, Massimo Mangialavori, Vassilas Ghegas, and others.

In 2001 I began studying biotherapeutic drainage with Gerard Guéniot, MD and Dickson Thom, DDS, ND (who had been my doctor, as well as my teacher, while I was in school). I was awarded certification as a Biotherapeutic practitioner in 2019. In addition, I have an extensive background in both vitalism and functional medicine.

Since 2017 I have been mentoring and sharing my knowledge and expertise with professional colleagues and naturopathic students. For those taking my classes, I am committed to providing straightforward, easy to apply information that is immediately useful in clinical practice and improves patient outcomes.

“Wisdom Is not the product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
~ Albert Einstein

Please email or message Dr. Holly if you have questions. Thank you for your consideration!
[email protected]
(480) 922-8182

“Thank you for such a wonderful class! I am typing out my notes and there is so much to put together. This is awesome and I can’t wait to use all of it!”

~ Dr. Jill C.

“Your information and expertise are invaluable and what you are providing is top notch. Your passion for the information really shows.”

~ Dr. Nina M.

“I loved the UNDA class! Thank you for sharing this information in a beautiful, concise, and approachable way. You have the gift of experience to pass on to others.”

~ Dr. Sydney F.

“It was an excellent course and the packet she provides is a wonderful resource! Can’t wait for your Gemmo course, Dr. Holly!”

~ Dr. April G.

“Words cannot begin to express the gratitude of you sharing your knowledge of the UNDAs and homeopathy. Thank you!”

~ Dr. Valerie R.

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful course! So happy I stumbled upon the info on a Facebook thread!”

~ Dr. Stephanie H.