Gemmotherapy classGemmotherapy
Crash Course

Holly Castle, ND
Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner
with 20 Years Experience

  • Learn more about Gemmotherapy
  • Over 50 different Gemmos will be discussed
  • Learn protocols and treatment strategies you can immediately integrate into your practice
  • Add a gentle, effective therapy to your treatment tool box
  • Excellent for sensitive patients
  • Distinguish yourself from other practitioners in your area or in your group practice with these unique botanicals
  • Class will be conducted on Zoom
  • Class will be recorded
  • Approved by OBNM for 6.75 hours of General CE


On Sunday, October 3, 2021

Time: 8:30 am PT to approximately 4:30 pm PT. There will be a half hour break for lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks.

$189 USD


Gemmotherapy class

About Dr. Holly Castle

Homeopathy is my passion. I specifically attended NCNM in order to practice classical homeopathy with a license. I graduated from NCNM in 1997 and in 2001 began studying and using Unda Numbers. In 2019, I was awarded advanced certification as a Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner.

About The Class

In addition to my own experience, this material combines multiple sources including several books and the lectures from 4 different drainage practitioners: Drs. Guéniot, Thom, Abell, and Tondelier, Many treatment protocols and clinical pearls are included. You will be able to immediately integrate the information you learn from me into your practice.

Each participant will receive a PDF copy of the basic lecture materials. Treatment protocols and clinical pearls will only be part of the live class material. Approved by OBNM for 6.75 hours of General CE.


Sunday, October 3 , 2021

$189 USD

Gemmotherapy classWhat your colleagues have said about past classes

“Thank you for such a wonderful class! I am typing out my notes and there is so much to put together. This is awesome and I can’t wait to use all of it!” Dr. JC

“Your information and expertise is invaluable and what you are providing is top notch. Your passion for the information really shows.” Dr. NM

“I loved the Unda class! Thank you for sharing this information in a beautiful, concise, and approachable way. You have the gift of experience to pass on to others.” Dr. SF

“It was an excellent course and the packet she provides is a wonderful resource! Can’t wait for your Gemmo course, Dr. Holly!” Dr. AG

“Words cannot begin to express the gratitude of you sharing your knowledge of the Undas and homeopathy. Thank you!” Dr. VR

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful course! So happy I stumbled upon the info on a Facebook thread! “ Dr. SH

Please email or message me if you have questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Holly Castle
(480) 205-6733

Gemmotherapy class