My Approach

We live in a complicated world with huge amounts of daily stress on the body, mind, and spirit. The quality of our sleep, diet, relationships, work and school obligations, recreation, inner life, and hereditary all play a part in our sense of health and wellbeing. Never before have we humans been exposed to so many factors that can negatively impact our health.

Environmental toxins, exogenous hormones, and artificial electromagnetic fields are just three external examples of things that can damage our physiology and lead to chronic illness. Grief, trauma and prolonged stress are only three examples of some of the protracted struggles we may face that can also affect our physiology and impact our immunity.

The body can adapt for quite some time before it becomes so out of balance it can no longer regulate itself. Both illness and wellness are processes. It takes time to develop illness and it takes time and commitment to reinstate wellness. This is a sensible approach.

I have a boutique Naturopathic practice in North Scottsdale that allows me to focus on highly individualized care. Naturopathic medicine is well suited to those with conditions of a longstanding, chronic, or puzzling nature; as well as acute conditions.

My goal is to provide you with high quality, safe, and gentle therapies, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations that help bring your body, mind, and spirit back into balance and facilitate wellness. Before doing this, I will take a detailed medical history and may also order specialty lab tests in order to determine the underlying cause of your condition.

I analyze all the information and provide a customized course of treatment. I carefully select products of the highest quality from North America and Europe. Every patient is treated individually and you will become a participant in your own healing process.

This is a partial list of some of the things I utilize to help you:

  • Comprehensive GI Testing
  • Biotherapeutic Drainage
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Constitutional Homeopathy
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Detoxification
  • Salivary Hormone Panels
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Electromagnetic and Bioresonance Therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Stress management