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Why Timing Matters

Have you ever examined a Farmer’s Almanac? It contains lots of information about planting schedules, weather predictions, and moon cycles, among other things. There is a rather large section on planting according to moon phases. This information is consistent with a long tradition suggesting that being sensitive to the natural cyclic timing during which you plant a seed will help aid that seed’s successful growth and yield better outcomes at harvest time. Biodynamic farming observes these cycles as part of their approach in creating ecological harmonization. It may be possible that following moon cycles can also improve the outcomes of our own personal endeavors.

I have found that the New Moon is a useful time to make changes and to visualize the changes I would still like to create. I do this by writing down what it is I wish to manifest. I write down everything in the present tense, as if it is already happening, using positive language or phrases. I try to be specific without imposing too many parameters.

Occasionally, I may specify a period of time by indicating that I can see something happening within so many weeks or months. For example, I might say, “By the end of six months I have the clarity and information required to make such and such a decision.”

I try to phrase my sentences in such a way that avoids the use of words such as “no,” “not,” or “want.” Instead, I visualize attracting that which is in the highest and best good for my family and myself. This process helps keep me focused on my immediate and long term goals. After writing every thing down, I can begin to take the necessary steps to make my goals reality. 

It is easy to determine the timing of a New Moon.  Nearly every ordinary calendar has a series of circles appearing throughout the month at approximately weekly intervals. These represent the phases of the moon. Look at your calendar for the circle that is completely colored in, so that it looks like a solid dot. Every month that solid dot may move a few days or so, but it will usually appear at regular cycles of about 28 to 30 days.

In following this process, it is important to keep in mind that if something is really important to you, then all your energy must support your goals. If your energy is being drained by something in your environment that isn’t conducive to this process, then it must be removed or changed. Similarly, your health and mental/ emotional state also need to support your intentions.

If you feel less than your best either physically or mental/ emotionally, then first think about what it will take to bring them into balance, so you have a good foundation for your intentions. Fortunately, these are all things you can positively impact with insight and effort. If you want to create something thoughtfully and intentionally, then your whole self– body, mind, and spirit– must be engaged towards that end.