It is never too early to start preparing for a healthy conception and pregnancy. Now is always a good time to embrace a naturopathic approach to your health. Dr. Castle starts by getting a baseline picture of your health with a detailed intake covering all your physical and mental/emotional symptoms that evaluates your overall health and nutritional status. She looks at any labs you may have already had done and she may order new labs to fill in additional

information. A good starting place is with a basic fasting blood chemistry with CBC that also includes thyroid and liver panels, Vitamin D, blood sugar, ferritin, CRP, and more in addition to a hormone work-up and food sensitivity testing.

Many factors can interfere with fertility. Dr. Castle starts by identifying any obstacles through laboratory testing and lifestyle evaluation. Then she helps support your body’s physiological balance with safe and effective natural therapies. She empowers you to create a good foundation for not just fertility, but for lifelong good health as well.

Sometimes additional testing may be required. The goal is to identify the source or sources of any inflammation or physiological disturbances that may be interfering with your fertility. For example, Dr, Castle may also need to look at how well you process your nutrients with comprehensive GI and advanced nutritional status testing. If you have experienced chronic symptoms, she may want to evaluate your toxic load with environmental exposure, heavy metal, or mold mycotoxin testing. This testing also allows her to refine her recommendations and create an individualized set of recommendations tailored to your body’s specific needs.

The benefit of a naturopathic approach is that it gently brings your body into optimal balance with individualized lifestyle, dietary and exercise recommendations, and the use of gentle and nutritive supplements in the correct doses instead of prescription medications with potential side effects. During this process you will be developing the basic tools for a pattern of lifelong wellness for you and your family.

The approach described above can also be applied to anyone undergoing egg harvesting or IVF It makes sense to put all the resources you can in achieving a positive outcome. A naturopathic approach for these procedures focuses on egg quality and reproductive health, as well as optimizing your overall wellness. 

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Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is an especially important time to look after your health. After becoming pregnant you will want to treat your body with extra care because you are also nurturing the new life you are carrying. If you are like most women, you want to enjoy this special time in your life.

During pregnancy your body will experience many changes prior to the delivery of your baby. Some of these changes will feel easy and some may feel uncomfortable. By offering safe, natural solutions, naturopathic pregnancy support can help alleviate some common complaints of pregnancy like nausea, heartburn and indigestion, fatigue, to name a few. You will feel more comfortable and more in touch with your body and with your baby too.

Post-Partum Wellness

The demands on your body don’t stop after labor and delivery. In fact, after delivering your baby, there is an even greater need to take good care of yourself.

After giving birth, your body undergoes many hormonal changes. Some of these changes are aggravated or prolonged by the sleepless nights that characterize early motherhood. You may feel tired and not like your usual self. The nutritional demands on your body may also change, especially if you are breastfeeding.

We can gently help your body gently reset itself with natural substances that are safe for both you and your baby so you can have more energy and feel like yourself again.

Dr. Holly's Approach to Fertility

“I am passionate about motherhood. Nothing has inspired my best efforts, stimulated more personal growth, or brought me more happiness than being a mom. My lovely college-aged daughter is my pride and joy. I truly appreciate the desire to parent another human being.”       ~ Dr. Holly Castle

Dr. Holly Castle a naturopathic doctor with almost three decades of experience. During her long career she has helped many patients enjoy successful pregnancies that resulted in healthy babies. 

More recently, because she has been seeing an increasing need for this kind of support, she is more focused on the safe, effective, natural, and non-suppressive treatment of women’s hormone complaints including menstrual irregularities, infertility, postpartum rebalancing, perimenopause, and menopause.

She seeks to identifying the underlying root cause or causes of a woman’s health complaints by assessing the individual’s symptoms and by utilizing and interpreting conventional blood work and functional medicine tests as indicated. Her goal is to provide safe, supportive, natural wellness solutions for every stage of a women’s life.

Dr. Castle offers convenient and personalized healthcare in the comfort of your own home with Zoom appointments.


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