Gemmotherapy: Plant Stem Cell Therapy

Humans and plants have shared the Earth for millennia. We are intrinsically linked organisms.

“Humans can’t be isolated from nature, their surroundings, their environment, and it is within nature that the key to balance and recovery is universally included.”
~Dr. Pol Henry

Gemmotherapy is the most powerful and highly refined form of botanical medicine that I have studied and currently use in my practice. ~Dr. Holly Castle

What is Gemmotherapy?

It was developed in Belgium by physician Dr. Pol Henry. It was further expanded by his collaborator, Dr. Max Tétau of France.

Gemmae is the Latin word for “bud.” Gemmotherapy makes use of fresh newly grown undifferentiated vegetable tissues from the plant.

These germinating parts contain all the genetic information, growth hormones, and vegetal intelligence required for the adult plant to grow and flourish.

Some of the active substances included in gemmotherapy are Auxins, Gibberallins, Cytokinins, and Abscissin.

These substances are not found in conventional botanical preparations because they disappear once the plant tissues reach a certain stage of growth.

This is why Gemmotherapy is considered plant stem cell therapy.

All the embryonic plant material used in Gemmotherapy is handled and produced with the greatest care and attention to the Earth’s natural rhythms.

Why Learn About Gemmotherapy?

  • Gemmotherapy has undergone over 50 years of university level biochemical and clinical studies in Europe. The making of Gemmotherapy extracts is outlined in the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • The European Union has granted Gemmotherapy the status of an approved medicine.
  • The over 70 plants currently selected for Gemmotherapy have long traditions of use as conventional botanicals, primarily in Europe and North America.
  • Gemmotherapy promotes biotherapeutic drainage and regeneration of organ systems.
  • Sensitive individuals respond well to Gemmotherapy.
  • Learn protocols and application strategies you can immediately integrate into your practice.
  • Detailed PDF reference guide provided.
  • Small class size allowing for questions and personalized case reviews.
  • Class will be conducted live on Zoom.

Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2023

9:00 am to 3:00 pm PT both days
(breaks included)


“I met Dr. Holly Castle several years ago and have taken several of her courses on Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy. I was already using drainage remedies in my practice but her classes really took me to the next level. Her courses are extremely thorough. In addition to knowing the physical applications of each plant, she also brings in the mental/psychological applications as well as recommendations for homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and cell salts that can be complimentary for each condition. After studying with Dr. Holly, I’ve found that my treatment plans are a lot more nutritive for my patients and they really feel a difference. She is truly a wealth of knowledge and one of the kindest and most giving teachers. I highly recommend her courses if you want to level up your practice.”

~ Dr. Julie N.

More about the class

In addition to my own experience and personal research, this material combines multiple sources including several books and the lectures from 4 different Drainage practitioners: Drs. Guéniot, Thom, Abell, and Tondelier. Many treatment protocols and clinical pearls are included. You will be able to immediately integrate the information you learn from me into your practice.

Each participant will receive a PDF copy of the basic lecture materials. Treatment protocols and clinical pearls will only be part of the live class material.

Continuing education varies from state to state. You will be provided with a letter of attendance that includes details you may need to apply for continuing education in your state or province.

About Dr. Holly Castle: Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner with over 20 years experience

Dr. Holly is a naturopathic doctor licensed in Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado. Her study of homeopathy began in 1987 with classical homeopathy. While attending the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (1993-1997), she continued her homeopathic studies with Paul Herscu, Rajan Sankaran and the Sankaran group, Massimo Mangialavori, Vassilas Ghegas, and others.

In 2001, she began studying Biotherapeutic Drainage, UNDA Numbered Compounds, and Gemmotherapy with Drs. Gerard Guéniot, MD, Dickson Thom, DDS, ND, Robert Abell, ND and Pierre Tondelier, MD. Dr. Holly was awarded certification as a Biotherapeutic Drainage practitioner in 2019.

Her education in homeopathic drainage continued with German Biological Medicine and techniques. In addition, she has an extensive background in both Vitalism and Functional Medicine.

Since 2017, she has been mentoring and sharing her knowledge and expertise with professional colleagues and naturopathic students. For those taking her classes, her commitment is to provide straightforward, easy to apply information that is immediately useful in clinical practice and improves patient outcomes.

Please email or message Dr. Holly if you have questions. Thank you for your consideration! [email protected]
(480) 922-8182

“It was an excellent course and the packet she provides is a wonderful resource! Can’t wait for your Gemmo course, Dr. Holly!”

~ Dr. April G.

“Words cannot begin to express the gratitude of you sharing your knowledge of the UNDAs and homeopathy. Thank you!”

~ Dr. Valerie R.

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful course! So happy I stumbled upon the info on a Facebook thread!”

~ Dr. Stephanie H.

“Thank you for such a wonderful class! I am typing out my notes and there is so much to put together. This is awesome and I can’t wait to use all of it!”

~ Dr. Jill C.

“Your information and expertise are invaluable and what you are providing is top notch. Your passion for the information really shows.”

~ Dr. Nina M.

“I loved the UNDA class! Thank you for sharing this information in a beautiful, concise, and approachable way. You have the gift of experience to pass on to others.”

~ Dr. Sydney F.

Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2023

9:00 am to 3:00 pm PT both days
(breaks included)


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