Dr. Castle is committed to helping you achieve your optimal health. That is going to look different for every person. Dr. Castle takes a comprehensive approach and strives to provide you with highly individualized care. She employs a wide spectrum of traditional and functional medicine testing to help you get the answers you are looking for. 

Because healing is not a passive activity, Dr. Castle wants to empower you with an understanding of how your body functions and reacts to life’s challenges. And she will coach you through the necessary lifestyle changes that will build a foundation for good long-term health. 

In addition, she recommends the highest quality nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic supplements she can find from North America and Europe to help bring your body into balance.

Healing is Just a Consultation Away


It is never too early to start preparing for a healthy conception and pregnancy. Dr, Castle offers many natural and functional medicine tools to help you start or add to your family.

Peri-Menopause and Menopause

One of the most important stages of woman’s life is when she enters menopause. Preparation can begin with the symptoms of perimenopause and long term wellness habits can be developed that support her for the rest of her life.

Thyroid Health and Hashimoto’s

The thyroid is a small gland with a big impact. Optimal thyroid function is critical to every stage of a woman’s health. Dr. Castle has many tools to help your thyroid work its best.

Fatigue and Stress

Burn out and overwhelm seem to have become accepted as a normal feeling of modern life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel your best and navigate modern stress with increased resilience.

Digestive Complaints

A comprehensive wellness plan needs to include digestive health. Optimizing the digestion and absorption of nutrients and improving the elimination of toxins creates a foundation for long term vitality on all levels.

Allergies and Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic allergies and sinusitis are symptoms that your immune system is over stimulated and not responding optimally. There are effective natural solutions for allergies and chronic sinusitis that start with supporting the foundations for good health. These include reducing your allergic load as much as possible while improving your immune system’s resilience.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found Dr. Holly.

I had been working with another naturopathic doctor for over 10 years before finding Holly. Dr. Holly truly leveled-up my health in all aspects. She is gentle, kind, smart, experienced, and has a keen ability to see people for who they really are. Her treatment plans have been incredibly nourishing and supportive. She is the first doctor who was able to balance my energetics as well as my physical health. There are very few practitioners who have as much experience as Holly (practicing over 25 years) and as much knowledge about homeopathy, herbal medicine and bio therapeutic drainage. I would highly recommend Dr. Holly to anyone wanting to optimize their health on all levels.

~ Julianne N.

She is a shining example of what a medical practitioner should be.

“I feel so grateful to have found Dr Holly Castle. She has been such a tremendous ally on my healing journey. Not only has she put me on the path to regaining my physical health, but she has been such an advocate of listening to my own inner guidance of healing. She is a shining example of what a medical practitioner should be. I could not recommend her more.”

~ Kirsten H.

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